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Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli has become a bit of a cult figure in mommy circles. This teether originated in France and, believe it or not, Sophie is celebrating her 50th birthday this year! I find that extraordinary for just a teething product. But she’s obviously stood the test of time and for whatever reason most babies seem to love this teether. Whether its the vibrant spots all over her or the squeak she makes when chewed who knows? Whatever it is though it works. Sophie the Giraffe is flexible with plenty of chewable parts. She is made of made of natural rubber and food paint so no need to worry about dangerous toxins. Also babies become used to the rubber smell so that becomes comforting too. Her long thin neck makes her very easy for babies to grip. I suppose it’s quite pricey for a teether (the list price is $23.90 but Amazon are selling it for around $17  with free shipping at time of writing) but teething is a very unpleasant experience for a lot of  babies and in my book anything that can take the edge off has got to be worth it. I just wish I’d known about Sophie when my two little ones were teething.

If you head on over to Amazon you will see that that most moms gives this teether a five star rating. There’s also a cute video that someone has posted of their baby enjoying the Sophie teether.

Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli


Some of the comments made include:

“My four month old is obsessed with Sophie. She can’t get enough of it.”
“Wow! Best Baby Toy Ever!”
“Totally lives up to the hype–We love Sophie!”

In fact this teether has had over 1000 reviews which is extraordinary in itself! A word of warning though. From what I’ve been reading there do seem to be some cheap imitation Sophie the Giraffe teethers going around so make sure you buy yours from a reputable dealer and if you’re in any doubt as to its authenticity then return it at once.



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